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  1. P

    New energetic daschund in the home

    Thank you in advance for reading, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I rescued a sausage dog (toots) 8 months ago, she’s very calm and I rescued another sausage dog (no name yet) a few days ago as she was being abandoned, both had been used for breeding. The new dachshund is very...
  2. John Bechet

    Normal social skills for 15 months?

    Hello, I have had my dog for just over a year now and as a first time dog owner, I wonder how normal my 15 month old Maltese's social behaviour is. When meeting other dogs he is sometimes calm, either passing without reaction or approaching for a well-behaved sniff. But other times he goes...
  3. Pip-n-Stan

    Anxiety Medication?

    TL;DR - Pippin barking excessively I think it's an issue with insecurity Tried training and been successful so far but VERY slow progress Ignoring NOT an option - riles up Stanley, our other young + impressionable dog Insecurity hindering her progress with socialisation and getting on with...