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New energetic daschund in the home


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Thank you in advance for reading, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I rescued a sausage dog (toots) 8 months ago, she’s very calm and I rescued another sausage dog (no name yet) a few days ago as she was being abandoned, both had been used for breeding. The new dachshund is very energetic and constantly wants to play with toots but toots is finding it overwhelming and will eventually growl at the new dachshund and she’s getting pretty stressed so I’m trying to keep them apart and just spend short bursts together but the new dog starts crying when separated. I really want this to work out well for both of them as best as it can. Any advice would be fab! Thanks again for readin
I'm afraid I can't offer any advice, but someone will be along shortly who can. In the meantime, welcome to the forum (Toots - great name!).

It's still early days, so hopefully she will settle down a little soon.

For now, your priority has to be making sure Toots gets the peace and quiet she needs, and isn't pestered. You really want her to be happy with the new pup, as when two bitches fall out, it can turn quite nasty. So I would separate them as much as possible and if they are together, remove pup the moment she gets annoying. Be absolutely consistent on this, and she will hopefully learn that all the fun stops if she gets too boisterous. In the meantime, try to keep her entertained when they're separated so she doesn't think that fun only happens with Toots, and reward all and any calm behaviour, either when they're together or apart.

In addition, make sure Toots gets loads of attention and one-to-one time with you, so she doesn't think the newcomer has had a negative effect on her life.

Do recognise that Toots may well always be happier as an only dog. If things don't improve soon and you decide that it's not working out, there is no shame at all in returning the new pup.
Thank you so much. Will take your advice and keep my fingers crossed

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