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training help

  1. H

    Anyone have any tips on how to stop our dog barking when we stop on walks?

    Our 6 year old Bernese Mountain Dog is a generally well behaved lovable giant. However, if we stop when out for a walk he will bark. The same if we try to sit down for a coffee/lunch somewhere and it seems to be getting worse. We are obviously doing something wrong but can’t figure out what...
  2. Bonnie_Rosie

    Double trouble!

    Hi, thank you for letting me join the forum. We are first week into owning our new 10 week old golden retriever pups X 2!! We had two from the same litter before who were exceptional dogs so thought it would be a good idea as hubby has just retired to do the same again - what else can you do in...
  3. J

    New owner of a puppy

    Hi I brought home our new puppy yesterday and this is the first time we’ve owned a dog. Have looked after family dogs but never had our own. We have Beau whos mum is a husky lab cross and dad a golden lab.
  4. H

    aggressive reactive dog towards other dogs on walks

    Hello My 3 year old male shih tzu has had this issue for quite a while. He barks at every dog he sees on a walk quite aggressively (he has started doing something new recently which is not barking at the dog directly but turning his head around barking at the lead and then trying to bite the...
  5. houseof_fraser

    Fear Related Aggression Reactivity

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone had any experience or tips for a fearful dog with reactivity issues towards other dogs.. Our 4 year old collie has always been of a fearful nature, she came from a very quiet hill farm in Wales and was fed on cornflakes and milk when weaned (the man was so so...