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  1. Luke Kershaw

    Documentary film resurrecting an extinct breed!

    The English Deerhound was an extinct breed, lost to the historical fields and hedges of England. So far back in history its name could only be heard through myth and legend. David Platt's had a vision, a goal. To recreate the English Deerhound, dragging the breed back through the fossil records...
  2. B

    Free puppy/dog video editor (not an advert!)

    Hi everyone, We're longterm dog lovers starting a brand new youtube - don't worry this isn't an advert for it! To hone our editing skills we want to offer free edits to a limited number of people. We'd love to put together an amazing video for you of about 6-12minutes. Topics we've thought of...
  3. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's YouTube channel

    Here is two videos of Rocco And here is a link to his YouTube channel
  4. Cjohnson8

    Hugo enjoying his day (9 to 5 video)

    Please watch and like and share Hugo enjoying his day despite all that’s going on in the world Callum Johnson on Twitter
  5. M

    Video of my Shiba Inu!

    Made a short video showing my Shiba Inu!
  6. Crazy Dog Man

    A video of me petting Lady

    As the description says in the video, she loves me talking to her like a baby and she enjoys foot massages. She is one diva dog!
  7. Crazy Dog Man

    A video of Lady the JRT

    My voice sounds a little different as I'm transgender and I'm transitioning slowly. I don't know how some of you members feel about LGBTQQIP2SAA people but I'm a Female-to-Male pre-op Transsexual man meaning I'm a woman but I want to become a man so that's the only way I can explain why my voice...