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13 year old with inguinal hernia

Simone Verver

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have experience with an inguinal hernia in their (older) dogs? My 13 year old has a small one since Thursday. According to the vet he doesn't need surgery now because the only thing protruding right now is fat, but we have to keep an eye on it because his intestines or bladder could get stuck, and we are checking it daily.

And this morning the lump in his thigh/groin feels a bit firmer than before and the vet will call me later today to talk about it. He isn't in any pain and we may touch it. He did have to pee in the middle of the night, but it's quite warm here now so maybe he drank more. (I read drinking more can be a sign of blocked intestines etc)

Sorry for me rambling!
I'm just a bit nervous especially if he does needs a surgery. The idea of anesthesia just scares me a bit, even though I know the vets really well!

Thanks in advance!
Greetings from me and paws from Mika
I can't offer any advice, but do let us know what the vet says. Anaesthesia is always a worry in older dogs, but most dogs come through it just fine, and it sounds as if you trust your vet to do the best for your little lad.
I have no experience with hernias and older dogs ...Tom had a hernia when we adopted him and he had a repair but he was younger ...
My nearly 11 yr old lurcher who had a stroke a few months ago had a sedation for a descale and polish on his teeth and he has recovered. ..hope all goes well and your boy doesnt need an operation ;)
Thank you for the replies! I spoke to the vet and Wednesday I may bring him in and they are going to do some x-rays to check it out. If it looks okay and not threatening, they will leave it as is. If not, he will have to have the surgery of course.

And i am glad to hear your boy recovered well, Tinytom!! <3

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