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14 week old puppy diet


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When I got her I used the dry food farmer gave me and she was fine on it, then changed to Bakers dry puppy food and she started to get grumpy.

Last 2 days I used Wilko's dry puppy food and shes now very agressive! And keeps going in house more, often its a squat but nothing comes out though and she has done some very smelly farts. Could all be coincidence but I wanted a good puppy food that doesn't cost the earth.

Currently shes fed at 9.30am 1.30pm (but can be 2pm on a busy work day as I work from home) and 5.30pm.

She mostly does her business in morning, and if she goes during night, so at least about 3 times before lunchtime and random times during the day.
Her behaviour might not be related to her food, but neither Baker's nor Wilko's are good quality. Looking at Wilko's Puppy Chicken & Veg, the ingredients are: Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives (4% Chicken in the Bone-shaped Kibble*), Oils and Fats, Vegetables (4% Peas in the Barrel-shaped Kibble**), Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Yeasts.

There's next to no meat in there, and what it is is 'meat and animal derivatives', which can be very poor quality. To find a better food, have a look at this website: You can put in details about your dog's breed, age & size and your budget, and it will suggest foods for you. As a rule of thumb,look for a food where meat (not meat derivative) is the first ingredient on the list. Ideally, you'd go for a grain-free one.

Or consider raw feeding - we can give you plenty of info for that if you're interested.
As above, diet is incredibly important, 'we are what we eat' as the saying goes! All about dog food is a great place to look:)
I don't mind raw food I don't mind spending a few £ kilo

I do get cheap cooked chicken from local butcher I can add if possible.
I wean my puppies straight onto raw diets we have nice firm poos and no tummy problems.
Puppies can be changed very quickly without any problems. I also introduce a little of "Millies Wolfheart" so that they are used to some kibble before leaving home. The Millies Wolfheart 40/60 lower protein for starters.

Processed kibbles with artificial colourings, preservatives and vitamins, can affect dogs temperaments. Take care.

Cooking meat can alter or destroy the benefits of the raw product.
I do get cheap cooked chicken from local butcher I can add if possible.
You want your puppy's diet to be balanced though, so just adding chicken isn't necessarily a good idea unless you are also able to work out the balance of other proteins, minerals etc.
Shes 5 months old now, thinking of changing her diet as shes still having accidents, she has a dry diet still and goes at least once during night and I feed her 3 times a day.

A month back I gave her bones from butchers 2 times and both times she had a bad tummy after (though she loved them) but they were bones with muscle/scraps of meat on.

She is going a few times a day and often not bothering going outside.

Someone I know said to change her to feeding twice a day but of course more that way it will encourage her body to go.

Her current dry food is Arden Grange puppy food, I do give her the odd treat but very rare like scrap size.
Are the "accidents" pee or poo or both? Once you have eliminated infection by a urine test, (bladder infections are sneaky but cause a lot of inappropriate toileting) you may need to revisit house training from the beginning. We have a pinned thread you may find useful.

Dried food encourages them to drink more, and it has to come out sometime. Also some dried foods are full of indigestible filler, which means more bowel movements.

Has she been spayed? Early spaying can sometimes result in incontinence. There are treatments for this.

There can be many reasons for this, so stick with us and once you've found the cause, the cure will follow!

Bitches do need to wee more when they are coming on heat, and she's the right age for that.
Both and when she drinks she seems unable to hold it in for very long i.e can be a few minutes later even if its just a drizzle.

Not been spayed.

She has also at same time as not going becoming more crazy and biting and barking for attention even after walks that are at LEAST 30 minutes she was crazy the other day after a 90 minute walk.

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