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14 week old puppy is getting agressive and loud

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Well the nap lasted a few minutes and she was nipping again, eventually I had enough and picked her up and put her on my lap and let her sleep in my arms for 2 hours and she calmed down until I woke her and took her for her toilet outside.
Some good news, I brought her bed through to living room, she never uses it anyway and put it on sofa and three times today she has napped on it rather than get restless and bitey, about 10 minutes ago she pulled the bed off the sofa as well as my dressing gown and decided to nap.

So she has discovered "settle" on her own, hoping she does this in future.

She was bitey a few times today one time I had to pick her up and let her sleep in my arms for a hour the other time I managed to get her to bite a chew toy long enough that she didn't bite and repeated until she settled.
You're doing really well - and so is she.

Repeat like a mantra: "They grow out of it - they grow out of it -"
Each day is different for her, in fact even morning afternoon and evening is different.

Yesterday she was playing up at the worst times when I was on phone calls all day for work and wanting out like 15 minutes before a break.

Luckily today I am just doing admin work and she has been well behaved but what I notice is shes calm on a rainy day or today when its heavy fog really strange and I wonder if I can do something about that.

She did have one mini tantrum about a hour after waking but decided to nap or play with her chew toys rest of the time and didn't even want to bite the lead or run around in garden.

I also had a nap of my own yesterday as I felt ill (ate a bad take away at weekend) and therefore she got 2 hours more rest and that may be why shes calmer today even if she took 30 minutes to fall asleep and was more playful after.
Last few days have been hit and miss, got her a metal lead and she doesn't mess about in garden as much likely as its heavy so when she jumps to bite it she can't play with it.

However she still isn't doing her outside business much in fact seems to be going more backwards with more and more accidents, today she had her zoomies really bad for about a hour when waking up biting my ankles and hands and not doing business outside (when shes normally great in morning for relaxing and business) she did settle down and did her rare sleep on my feet and a neighbour decided to do DIY,

I think her zoomies today are she goes a bit crazy when its windy, and/or I think she had a bad stomach last night as I took her outside around 5am and she did the business and I took her back in and noticed she wasn't coming back to bed and a few minutes later I found her eating her waste off a pad I had by the door and it looked watery.

I can stop her biting feet when I bribe her with treats but if thats at bedtime.

She was actually ok on Wednesday for her accidents just 2 small wee's.

I just need to find someway to get her to calm down when shes having zoomies I had to put bandages on my arm due to the amount of cuts I have.

I was thinking maybe I should buy those sports things for your arm that way if she bites I won't feet it or the worst of it that way I won't scream in pain which exites her and makes her bite more.
Yes, dogs can get the wind up their bums, as we termed it, and get zoomier on windy days!

Have you tried carrying a dog toy with you at all times so you can stuff it in her mouth when she comes at you with that look? Also, if you can teach her tug, that would be a good outlet for her energies without skin contact (don't insist that you always win, which used to be suggested - that would be like playing card games with a toddler and never letting them win). Chances are that at some point she'll decide that your hands would make even better tug toys, but then just drop the toy and head out of the room - game over.

Protective clothing is a good idea. I wore a thick denim jacket on walks throughout summer, both to protect my arms and to hide the terrible state they were in (my dog used to jump up and bite them hard enough to bruise). And has been said, this won't last.
After that she calmed down and wanted cuddles, had to ruin them to feed her, I went out in late afternoon as I wanted to buy some bandages and something to protect wrist and ankles, was hard to find and even harder to find cheap things, I settled on a few regular bandages, clear tape, patches to go on cuts under bandages and a wrist strap.

It sort of worked, except the sight of the bandages excited her so I spent most of evening fending her off, at least when she bit the part of hand with the wrist support it didn't hurt, and the bit with bandage hurt less but I have made myself a target now.

My other idea to add was to buy a jumper, but I think in general things attract her, when I wear dressing gown shes obsessed with biting it and pulling it off me.

She has finally settled in past few minutes as per usual, she did have accidents earlier but that was my own fault, I left her 2 hours without taking her out (due to fending her off so much I wanted to rest) other time was after her zoomies.

She did damage a t shirt yesterday, luckily it was a cheap one that cost about £2 that I only wear when I can't be bothered with another and its just 2 teeth marks/hole mid way up.

On a good note she now sits and lies down on command without lunging at me (she used to sit fine but tell her "down" and she lunged) even without treats, I can get to my bed if I hold a treat or two in my hand without her biting my feet, something I didn't mention before was her going downstairs, she used to jump 2 steps at a time but I am slowly getting her to do it slower she even waits until I walk down steps now until I say "come on"

She is at teething stage though, every time she goes out she grabs a stone/rock and she knows I am against it as if I say drop she runs away and hides and stares,

Also I get a bit panicky as in garden when she jumps to bite lead quite a few times she has jumped at my croch

Other good news is I can now have her off lead even in front garden and she comes back on recall even without treats (unless she is chewing stones or on a zoomie though)

So fixing her zoomies and improving her toilet training seems to be the biggest barriers right now.

She was cute again though, I came out of shower wet and she was waiting for me and licked my feet and legs dry
A couple of things I found helpful in the garden:

1) When we played, I stayed close to the back door so when J started getting bitey I could quickly nip indoors and shut him out for a few secons.

2) The most successful - you know the flexible plastic trugs you can buy? I carried one of them at all times, and when he came at me jaws at the ready, I simply held it in front of my body to block him. He couldn't then get close enough to jump up on me, and that was enough to defuse his behaviour.

If your clothes are suffering, you could buy a few items from charity shops, or stick to wearing old stuff you don't mind getting damaged.
Well my fault today she had messy accident during the night, I got a bone with a lot of muscle/meat on it from butcher free yesterday and gave her that, she loved it but only let her eat part of it but she didn't seem to go much in evening, she woke me at 6am and I took her outside and she did a small toilet I wanted and took her back inside and noticed she paced in bedroom then did a huge toilet inside that I had to wipe up and it stank and stained, I had to leave cleaning it fully till morning as I have downstairs neighbours and have used carpet cleaner, luckily I took it out of storage yesterday to clean anyway

She hasn't been since even her normal one around 7.30 and 9.30 but she was really zoomy this morning and kept jumping at biting me in garden at least until I gave her breakfast at which point she decided to just jump on my armchair and sleep she must of been cranky as she was hungry.
She still hasn't gone today (just wees) and has been very sleepy, she did have a few zoomies but otherwise more relaxed than usual.

Not sure if its related but I used (pet friendly) carpet shamoo on all the areas she has done business before so I don't know is thats confusing her.
Last few days have been mostly great, her zoomies are still as to be expected but far less common, shes a tiny bit more obedient when I give commands, she bites less when I go to bedroom (as I feed her breakfast in there now whilst giving her training commands)

Less accidents though they are still happening, maybe coincidence but after I used shampoo cleaner machine on the areas she has done accidents in past she no longer has accidents there.

She went all night without wanting out, she did come up to me in middle of night and I assumed she wanted out but she instead laid on my arm until around 7am when she wanted out, but even then I think as thats the time light gets into room.

Still has zoomies but just that little easier to control and for some reason shes decided to play with her toys a little bit more and nap a little more.
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Today after lunchtime she was a nightmare especially in evening, I believe she may be blocked up as she only did tiny little 2 about 5pm and a normal one about 7pm (which she did indoors, didn't even attempt to go to mat) and was crazy from that time until 10 minutes ago full on biting my arm and barking, ended up going outside for 30 minutes with her even walking and she just wanted to jump at me and bite, and when she eventually dozed off about 10 minutes ago she made a few small whines.

Maybe related but shes chewing a lot of stones at moment, I always get her to drop them and a few days ago during night she jumped off bed and threw up and when I went to get her somehow she was chewing a stone.
Ok yesterday she was great, took her for a walk to park and she was so tired afterwards she slept against my leg on the sofa and I was able to make a phone call, normally if I am on phone she barks and then bites me this time it was only when she woke up about 30 minutes into call she got restless.

Evening zoomies were so so, she had a few but short ones, she did have one shortly before bed where I was trying to calm her with treats and she knocked the bag out of my hand and got about 2 dozen treats then drank a huge amount of water, I stupidly left it about 20 minutes before going to bed as I thought I would wait until she was ready to go, and she did booth poop and pee and scrunched up a pad I had in corner meaning most of it went on floor then in middle of night I noticed she was awake and a smell, she had pooped right next to her mat, I cleaned up and she went the rest of the night ok.

Today she was a little hyper when in garden or on walk and wanting my arm, I did feel like having a evening nap myself then all of a sudden she sat down and looked at me, she was doing the occasional lunge/bite but kept at bay with treats then suddenly decided to sleep next to my armchair, this is very rare for her, I can honestly count the amount of times she has done this since I got her 2 months ago on one hand.

Hoping she stays this way but I am afraid to move as she follows me everywhere and I don't want tow aste this chance.
Last day or two she has been crazier than ever, yesterday she wasn't too bad and I used treats to settle her on rug beside me and she actually napped, but I had to move as for one I was starving, also I needed to do my washing at which point she zoomied till 10pm and though I had to wake for work at 8am I decided to stay awake till about 10.40 to get some me time.

Saturday night her zoomies were so bad I eventually had to nap at 8.30pm as I was so drained, woke up around 11pm and she just decided to nap on sofa until I went back to bed around 2am and she was great Sunday morning.

Today I was back working at home after 2 weeks annual leave, and she was so crazy, despite having no accidents on sofa for a week she had quite a few despite me taking her out, she also weed about 5 times on her mat today and did 2 poops on mat, and each time I take her outside she just jumps at lead.

I do admin and phone work and so had to have her lying against my leg all day, if I dared to move she just zoomied each time and bit me and barked whilst I was on the phone.

And since about yesterday if I go in kitchen even if its just to go into a cupboard she barks a lot and sometimes even pulls my trouser leg to get attention.

Shes chewing more than ever, I bought her 2 of those wood block chewing things and they work when she feels like chewing them, but then decides to ignore them and chew furniture again.

She has learned to also bite everything she can reach she pulled down my shower curtain rail a few days ago (the rail isn't screwed in) and when I tried putting it back up she was chewing and pulling at the curtain, my bedroom blinds are broken and I had to take down the curtains and blind and she was chewing both so I couldn't put them back up, and she has become very defensive of her space, if she is chewing something I can't go near her or she not only nips me but barks and moves herself in such a way its like she is attacking me.

I would leave her if it wasn't for the fact she is destroying furniture.

She also now is getting nippy again at bedtime despite recently getting better, she bites so hard as I get into bed it makes me scream in pain.

She seems to enjoy causing destruction and pain, its quite upsetting, sticking with her though.

The only difference in her lifestyle last few days is I have upped her food as trainer said she looked a little small for her age.
If she is generally small overall, that might just be her - I'm small for my age, but feeding me up would just make me fat!

It really is a case of looking back at the advice you've been given, e.g. in the linked article, and make sure that you're following that. Though she might be teething, which could make her more frantic, bitey and chewy.
Get some wide plastic tubing from the DIY store and use it to cover furniture legs.
Shut the doors of all rooms you aren't in. If open plan, you will need to fit baby gates to all doorways.
I have a small living room I leave kitchen door open as that's accessed by opening door in living room.

She was bad today she really doesn't like me working and/or on phone it makes her bite, could also be her noticing emotions as I had stressful morning and she played up more so worst time.

She refused to do anything but bite and play in garden and did a big poop on rug.

I notice her zoomies stop straight away or soon after she poops too.
Please dont think she is being bad she is just being a puppy and a border collie pup from working stock ...she needs lots of mental stimulation otherwise she will be bored ..these dogs are super bright ....

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