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14 Year Old Whippet Needing New Home On Preloved

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poor love theres home here for him if needs be ...but i cant get up there to get him down to 4dogs now so plenty of room .

oh dear nicky :unsure: i must of missed a thread, hope everything is ok you end,

such a shame for this old boy, hope he gets sorted soon :luck:
no julie you didnt miss any thread and my other half split up before crimbo and he took blue meg and millie with him to say i was deverstated is an understatement :( so just me tia,ollie,lilyand poppy now .
sorry to hear that nicky
I know of an lady in th uk who is in her 70s but apparently very sprightly has an old greyhound at the moment and is looking for a whippet companion. I will send her this link.
Actually just realised there are no contact details, could somebody pm them to me please.
I think the only way of contacting her is to send a message via preloved ( that's what I did )
There is someone coming to see this old boy in a couple of days time and the owner is also going to homecheck them.

If all is ok, he will have a new home but, if not, she will be contacting either Jakers or myself to help find him the right home :thumbsup:
So pleased that someone is offering a helping hand to this old chap and his owner, can't stop thinking about the situation, fingers crossed that all works out well x
According to pre-loved, this advert is archived and cannot be replied to.
Not open for further replies.

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