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18 hours sleep for optimum puppy health?

London Drummer

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Hi everyone, newbie here! My puppy is gonna be 11 weeks on Monday. She is a Staffordshire and I am trying to do everything so she can sleep more as I heard they should be sleeping a minimum of 18 hours a day. Is it really true?

She loves her crate, sleeps around 8 hours at night and 4 to 5 hours during the day. Sometimes she is almost sleeping, but then she hears someone in the house and becomes alert again.

is her schedule normal or it will be bad for her health?

I'm sure mine didn't sleep that much - it certainly didn't feel like it, anyway! Bear in mind, though, that dogs can sleep very lightly, literally with one eye (or two eyes) open, so she may be asleep when he doesn't seem to be. As long as she has plenty of opportunities to chill and to nap if she wants to, I wouldn't worry.
Sounds to me as if you and she are doing really well. Puppies don't read text books!
Hey guys tanks for your reply and tips. I'll keep like this and if I have any behaviour issues I'll let you know, but yes so far so good!

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