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2004 Vauxhall Vivaro with 4 large Barjo Dog Cages


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For Sale: A rare 2.0i PETROL, 2004 Vauxhall Vivaro 2700 SWB van with rear tailgate and sliding side door, complete with BARJO custom-designed dog cages, providing 4 large, single-storey cages (see plan), all fitted with escape doors, so any cage is accessible from either door. Cage tops are designed to accept luggage load. MOT until Jan 2024, genuine 117k miles, service history, 1 careful lady owner.

£1,950 o.n.o.

Would prefer to sell together but may consider selling separately for the right offer.
20230630_161440.jpg 20230630_161458.jpg 20230630_161533.jpg Van Layout plan.jpg 20230701_084336.jpg 20230630_151727.jpg 20230630_152612.jpg 20230630_150332.jpg

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