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3 month old beagle and washing machine

Beagle buddy

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Hi, my beaglepuppy sleeps in the kitchen. I've noticed he will only settle at night if the washing machine is on?
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Does he do something when the washing machine is running?

Does he do something when the washing machine is running?
He just settles down to sleep easier. If it's not on he cries and won't lie in his bed. I've tried the dishwasher tonight and that works too.
I read once that silence is a trigger for danger, so it unsettles some animals.

If it's inconvenient to run your appliances, a radio playing at low volume or a white noise machine might help.

Or, you can get pet toys with a heartbeat pulse.

Another option is to have him in your room for a while overnight. Remember he is an infant who has been uprooted from his family, and is probably quite nervous being alone and in the dark.

This is a piece about a puppy's first few nights, but might help make sense of what he is feeling.

Your new puppy: the first few nights
It's not just dogs - human parents often run the vacuum cleaner outside their babies' room to try to get them to sleep. And drive them for miles, though that might be the vibration as well as the sound.
I leave the radio on if we have a puppy, not too loud and certainly NOT radio 1:mad:
We have the tv on all night for myself, I sleep much better, if for any reason the tv goes off I wake up and then start worrying about so many things.:oops:
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Welcome. Some interesting advice here, hope it helps, please let us know.

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