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3mth old puppy. help!


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We have had Dylan since he was 8wks old. He is gorgeous. However he is our first puppy. There are a few concerns. He has only gone out on the lead in the last 3wks. Not always successful. He can be stubborn. My husband has been sleeping downstairs with him. Both sleep well but when we try leaving him he is frantic in the cage. Clearly this cant go on. He is also becoming a bit destructive. Biting us. We let him out in the back gard to try and burn some energy. We thing we need to go to the park and put him on a long lead?
Puppies are hard work aren't they?

Firstly it is unlikely that he is being stubborn when you take him out. It is more likely that he is overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds and smells suddenly being thrust at him. You could try just taking him to a quiet area and letting him sit and absorb the world around him. Let him hide if he wants to and don't let anyone force their (or their dog's) attention on to him. Feed him treats for being brave. Ignore him and wait him out if he is worried by new experiences.

I would move the cage to the bedroom temporarily. Once he is sleeping through the night regularly you can start to move the crate nearer and nearer to the bedroom door. Once it is outside the bedroom door, slowly close the bedroom door. Then slowly move the crate to the place you would like your puppy to sleep permanently.

Play biting is normal but still not acceptable. You need to teach him that he will be ostracised if he does it.

Every single time his teeth touch human skin or clothing say "ouch" and withdraw all attention immediately. If a toy is involved and you can take it easily then do so but do not delay the ignoring to get the toy as he will see it as attention which is not what you want! The "ouch" technique should be practised by every single person your puppy comes into contact with. Do not allow anyone to say "oh - it's fine -I don't mind". Biting is not allowed! You need to practice stage one of the "ouch" technique for at least a week before moving to stage 2. If children are involved then get them to say "ouch" and become a statue. Dress them in sturdy boots and clothes so that they can ignore the puppy properly. If they can't then do not let them play together. Come back on here after a week of the above training and we will help with stage 2 if necessary. It is possible to cure biting in one week if there is absolute consistency in withdrawing attention after the "ouch". Just a minute or two is all that is needed but do be prepared to repeat and repeat and repeat. It will, also, get worse before it gets better. This is a good sign that the technique is working and so everyone must persevere. It means the puppy is about to give up biting but is just trying harder to get attention first. Don't give in :)

The best thing of all that you can do is to enrol in some Puppy Socialisation Classes in your area. Choose some run by a member of the APDT. These classes cover all the common problems such as play biting, jumping up, stealing, destroying things etc. They also introduce basic training. There will be other puppy owners there to help and support you too :)
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Oh my word. Thank you so much. Dylan will go in the cage but whines and barks for a while. He will settle for a little while and dozes. It doesnt last tho.

He does appear to want to close to my husband and sleeps very close to him.

In the car yesterday we put him in a carrier for safty. A short journey. He became anxious tho. On the journey back he curled next to my son 26. Far less stressfull. He was sick tho.
We are prob only one mile from the dogs trust but i believe the puppy must be 6mths old to start training
If they don't take them until 6 months (and I would be surprised if this is the case) find an APDT trainer that does take them earlier.

Try to only release Dylan from the crate when he is quiet. This will teach him to wait patiently to be let out. It does mean you have to be alert to him waking in order to be there before he whines.

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