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4 yr old collie to keep or give away to a good home?


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Hi All,

Really need some advice please!

My ex-partner and I have a 4 year old border collie which we’ve had since a pup and since separating (sharing custody) he’s struggling to cope with keeping in touch with me and the stress of having her. He has asked for me to have her, which I would absolutely love, however I work full time and don’t feel its fair to leave her alone all day (my ex-partner could take her to work with him). Plus she howls my house down when I leave her for a second! Im 27, own my own home and have thought about selling up and moving back home so she will always have someone with her. I have a small family who love her to bits and always ask to have her for a couple weeks out of the year. I don’t have children and all my free time before and after work and weekends are spent with her but all I want is the best for her. Feeling very emotional right now and haven’t mentioned this to my family yet… please help my dog is my life!
Sorry this is late as a first reply but only just spotted it :(

My feeling from your post is one way or another you'll find a way to make this work cos you answered your own question with the comment she's your life. :thumbsup:

Talk to your family about realistic options of them helping to take care of her and if possible; ask around to see if anyone locally offers dog walking services so she can be taken out during the day to run herself out and be more settled and when she's in the house. She needs you as much as you need her and may well be unsettled, anxious and not herself because of the change in your home circumstances. Collies are far more sensitive and switched on than people would believe.

She's your best friend and you'll be just as lost without her so have a chat with your family and start making a plan of action.
Parly has made some good suggestions but your dog should be able to go without company for a few hours without becoming distressed. It sounds like she has separation anxiety. Even if a dog walker popped in to take her out, the rest of the time she would be still be upset. You need to teach her that it's OK to be alone sometimes.

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