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New Home Needed "a Year In The Life Of Dee" Waiting For A Home

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"A year in the life of Dee"

Yes, you read correctly - Dee has now been in foster for a whole year!!!

and we have no idea why she hasn't been snapped up other than she is a black dog!

Please if you are considering another dog please look at Dee!

Look at 4 pics from 4 different seasons, please someone give Dee a chance, she so deserves it!

Autumn - Bringing the Harvest potatoes home!


Winter - Snow did not stop play!


Spring - our hottest yet!


Coming upto Summer soon - made for relaxing in the sun


A word from Dee’s fosterer:

What have I learned over a year of fostering Dee?

I have had many foster greyhounds and wholeheartedly believe that the person who adopts Dee will be a very lucky individual indeed!

She has a sweet and amazingly expressive face with which to share her feelings and love of life. She has enjoyed a great social life and behaved impeccably in situations as diverse as a penny farthing race, two busy city centres, on the beach, ploughing matches, swimathons, stately homes and fetes.

When it is playtime she puts her soul into it and loves running, ball games and squeaky toys. Dee makes it very hard to feel down hearted , especially with her habit of gathering interesting items on walks, but she is not at all “in your face” or hyperactive .

She is a thoughtful soul. She is responsive to speech and intelligent enough to negotiate with, although going out in the rain is something she doesn’t wish to negotiate on!

She doesn’t like to miss out on her sleep, putting twice as much time into it as in to playing, has never coverted food and gets on very well with her various doggy housemates. She walks well on the lead and is happy meeting other dogs.

Is being black her fault? Is being good at what she was trained to do her fault? I think not.

I do not believe that a home with a big garden (for ball games and mad 5 minute sprints), no cats and no young kids ( due to her love of squeaky toys and sleep) is impossible to find……………….in fact she is in one now as a foster.

Many more greyhounds are desperate for the benefits of foster care so she must move on to “sofas new” before I become a “failed fosterer” and keep this little treasure for myself, letting down all those other greyhounds who so deserve a chance too.

PS I really hope she finds a home nearby as “Boy, will we miss her!”.

She is fully vaxed, chipped and neutered

In foster in the Cheshire area

For more information or to discuss offering Dee a home please contact -

Sue Coldock 01928 714558

or Victoria Lyon (Ireland) 00353 9496 59276

e-mail :

View our website at:
Has Dee found her home yet please? :)
Is poor Dee still looking for her home?
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