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Accommodating vegan daughter


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My daughter and I share August - including her day to day care. She feeds August kibble in the morning and I feed raw during day and evening meal. She has now agreed to try to feed raw in the morning as long as it isn’t gross ‍♀️ I have ordered new stainless steel dog bowls and have raw complete mince packs in freezer so this should be fine when she runs out of kibble in next few days.
Issue is I am going away for a few days in a couple of weeks and wonder if anyone can suggest how I can make it less gross for her to feed DIY while I am away or should I let august just have complete mince defrosting in the fridge prepared in meal size portions for a few days?
(August really loves crunching through her food so am trying to accommodate her as well)
Is it the bones she'll be missing out on crunching?

I would just give her portioned-up mince - when we went on holiday with our dog we would just take complete mince, as it was so much easier to pack, keep frozen/cool, and stow in fridges in holiday cottages. She could always give August something like Bonios (depending on how purist you are regarding food quality) to give her something to crunch on.

Kudos to your daughter to agreeing to do this despite it being a little gross for her.
Thanks Judy - I think August love her bones as well as the variety of mealtimes (well the ones I am responsible for 😜when she has the complete minces she is happy and eats without any issues - when she has DIY she doesn’t just open her mouth and swallow but takes her time going through what is in her bowl always leaving the bone part for last 😀
Maybe I am overthinking as it will only be 6 bones she will miss out on over the days and I am really pleased my daughter has taken raw on appreciate that I know she will get imo food that suits her
Just agreeing that I really think your daughter is a good 'un for respecting your dog's needs, as you are for doing the same with hers.
My daughter is the same, on the odd occasion I had to leave her to feed our old boy his raw, I just used to have each meal made up in tubs so she just had to tip it out. But that was the free flow mince, not obvious animal body parts!! Which I think she would of done at a push but probably with her eyes closed, gloves on and all the windows open😂! But yes fair play to your daughter.
I am back from my weekend away - and daughter was amazing 😀 she will continue feeding raw complete in the morning- I will also feed complete for a little while as august is now pooping hard round marbles and although she doesn’t strain I have asked daughter to add half cup water to each feed as august refuses to drink water. Hopefully it is resolved be end of week
Good idea. And a VERY SMALL amount (no more than a teaspoon) of olive oil on the food can help as well.
Thanks - I have been adding half teaspoon coconut oil once a day but will try olive oil as well 😀

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