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Advice Needed For Excessive Barking


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I have a Lab X German Shepard pup, well he'll be a year old October 4th. I've had him since he was 6 weeks old. I am having trouble getting him to stop barking. He barks at the mailman, flyer delivery people, cats other dogs, people walking by on the street, etc. I can calm him down, as long as they don't come to the door. He stand in our bay window and goes ballistic. The neighbours are starting to complain, and I need to stop it soon. I have tried crating him when the mailman is supposed to show up. I have had him outside when the mailman shows up so he can see everything is okay, but he still barks. He is scaring people coming to the door. He will not bark if it's someone he knows. I need some advice on how to get him calmed down and listening to me when these things happen. Anyone have any ideas??? please!!
Get a tin can,,put some coins / pebbles or rice into it,,when he barks,,drop the can,,he should stop barking ,,,it worked for me years ago. It wont stop over night :(

Im sure others will give you better advice :oops:
I've heard there are some collars which emit a harmless spray of citronella whenever a dog barks (it's activated by movement in the throat apparently). Might be worth looking into?
I had a very similar problem about a year ago, with one of my dogs. The dog trainer I was working with at the time suggested a quick spray of water to the dogs face (using a normal houseplant waterspray). This needs to be done exactly at the point the mailman is approaching the house and while the dog is barking. I wouldn't say that we have resolved the problem completely, but this has helped enormously. :))
We tried the tins and the water spray, and eventually we had to break down and go the citronella collar route. It's worked, though she's started up a LOT again recently due to the new JRT pups 2 doors down that the owners let yap and yap for ages and I've never once heard corrected :rant: So Chelsea spends about 4 hours every day with the collar on :( because of those horrid little things.


edited to say - it doesn't bother her to wear it at all - as a matter of fact she's much less stressed while wearing it because she knows she can't bark so she just settles.
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