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Advice on wheat free dog food?


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I have recently rehomed a siberian husky and when he came to us he had terrible toilet tendencies...with out being too graphic, he'd spend 5 minutes walking and pooing and it was like projectile vomit!! We had him to the vets yesterday and he's been given medication for his bowel to help abit and we have been told to give him wheat free dry food as that is a very likely cause of the problem. My question is which is best? i have spent hours researching and shopping to find good food but at a decent price and im just non the wiser...i would like to give him the best food i can but without spending an unnecessary arm and a leg.
can anyone shed some light on the situation for me????
Millies Wolfheart, Orijen, Acana are all excellent quality products.(Acana has a small quantity of oats!)

Also try offering some raw product too, chicken wings (uncooked) wet green tripe too


Your more expensive grain free kibbles are not nesaccerily expensive to feed, because the product does not contain any cheap fillers that can not be properly digested ( huge ammounts of undigested poos or the squirts) more of the product can be consumed and properly digested, so therefore much less is used.
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We fed orijen to your young gsd x, but she got staffie cross coulnt tolerate it all..

i now feed both of them on Millies..fab fab food and even my old staffie cross does really well on it..most food goes straight through him.

Id ring millies and explain the problem you have had and they will suggest which of thir food is best to start him on ..good luck !
I feed Natural Dog Food Company, 100% natural dry food not even added artifical vitamns or minerals. It also goes great with raw food additions and as my dog is old and on medication for her heart it is great as it won't react with anything.

I would personally look for no wheat/maize/dairy as those seems to cause the most issues, I don't buy into grain free but again check the label if that is what you are looking for. And if raw is your thing then just stock up on research.

Whatever you decide always read the label, speak to the company and ask questions! Everyone has their opinion so don't be swayed as you need to be comfertable with your choice and something to suit your lifestyle. Good Luck!
All companies using grain products will say that their product is the best!

Wheat, barley, maize, rice, oats are ALL GRAINS. (Seasonal products and not to be found naturally 52 weeks of the year unless stored in bulk by humans)

However products such as potatoes and beet are roots (vegetables).

Everything that grows from the ground can be classed as "natural". But whether it is "natural" for a canine to eat GRAIN for 52 weeks of the year is another matter. (would need some carefull thinking)
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Any compnay not just ones that use grains will say they are the best, they clearly don't beleive in the product if they don't haha.

I don't believe all grains are bad. A dog in the wild would eat the stomach contents of prey first to take in the nutrients of what the prey has eaten. I would much rather use a company that uses WHOLE grains rather than bits left over from human food chain. Wheat is not good for dogs but whole rice and barley I don't see an issue.

And yes all these foods can call themselves natural but they add artifical vitamins and minerals, there are new studies that show these are not absorbed in the same way and that potential don't work in the same way. Naturally occuring vitamins and minerals work in pairs, complement each other and absorb much easier into the body.

For me the important things are no wheat, no dairy and no artifical vits or minerals. But like I said before everyone will have their own opinion, it is important you are happy with the choice. I so fed up of being told what I should feed, someone actually tried to argue with me that Pedigree was better than what I fed. Ha! No thanks!
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personally think raw is the way to go.. Huskies often have extremely sensitive tummies.. We had this problem with our dog when she was a pup.. Every allergy test we did was inconclusive but to us we thought it was obviously allergies to some ingredients in dog food.. Every food we tried was no good for her other than the wainwrights trays but she still couldn't have any treats what so ever.. Years later we decided to try raw food (nutriment) which was really really good for her.. As it is frozen it doesn't need any preservatives or artificial additives, a lot of the time this is what dogs are sensitive to.. As we were starting an all healthy diet we did research on healthy dog treats and found that she was able to eat treats after all they just have to be healthy with all natural ingredients.. We have just opened up a website selling all healthy and natural dog treats along with toys which are all excellent for my dogs extremely sensitive stomach

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