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Aggie's diary

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Turns out - dog farts after eating a (fresh, unpoisoned) dead mouse are STINNNNNNKY
Lurcher v settee: First act
Aggie's been enjoying her first proper snow over the past few days. Lots of woodland walks, a few new chews including bull's pizzle (yum) and some dried sweet potato ones that we will try to replicate (cheapskate), and of course of new toy or two from Santa Paws.

Her other latest discovery is slurping from the bath, but only when there's a human lying in it of course. Mmmm, delicious warm soapy human broth. [I did google a bit as worried about ingesting soap/ bubble bath but she seems pretty happy and no sign of any tummy upsets].

She's still eating other dogs' poos now and then in spite of live yoghurt and a bit of food before we go out, although - as I said to a fellow dog walker with the same problem - she's a very discerning poo eater, and selects her turdy treats with great care :p:oops:. But we will mention at the 6 month check up later this month (assuming vets are open for non-emergencies) and see if they have any suggestions or concerns e.g. around worming.

It's been really incredible the last month or so to start seeing glimpses of her grown up self in amongst the puppy mischief. She is so relaxed and loving. Certain things have suddenly just clicked, such as saying hello to another dog and then coming on with us instead of stalking them in the opposite direction for half a mile. Others (maybe bring the ball/ frisbee back to us if you want us to throw it, rather than strutting along the beach with it, tail aloft) remain a work in progress.

Couldn't love her anymore if we tried :):)

Also, today we managed to go into a certain well known chain of pet shops and spend less than £20. A New year miracle. Onwards and upwards for 2021.
She is so, so gorgeous. Thanks for the pupdate.
Today.... Aggie went without lunch for the first time!! And seemed ...okay about it. She’s been sleeping more and more often through her lunchtime so we decided the time had come to see how she would cope with cutting down to two meals. She still got her yoghurt kong because we remain her obedient servants in all other ways.
Still loving the snow! This morning we tried a whisk to get the snow/ ice balls off her back legs as someone suggested it in the dog park. Good to get some of the bigger lumps out but she still needed a shower to melt the rest off. Any tips for getting compacted snow off straggly lurcher fur gratefully received.MicrosoftTeams-image (3).jpg
MicrosoftTeams-image (3).jpg
Love those close up pics! What a fine snout she has:D
Oh she is so cute!!

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