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Allergic to lost of foods, mainly protien


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I have a Labrador that is just 1 year old. I have had an allergy test by the vets as she suffers with very itchy skin and is hyper active a lot of the time. She is allergic to

Beef, Chicken, Soya bean, Fish, Egg, Lamb, Pork, Rabbit, Cows milk, carrots, and potatoes.

She can eat Turkey, Liver, Barley, Wheat, Corn, Oats, beet, Pinto bean and Sweet potato.

Has anyone got any ideas, or any names of dog foods, websites or anyone that can help to design a diet for Bronte my lovely Lab.

Thank you for any help or ideas as I think its going to be a challenge!

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My boy is due for allergy testing next week so I am expecting results like yours soon!! Check out Wafcol they do some corn food but I cant remember what else is in it! and Burns do a few vegetable based foods, Burns were very helpful when I rang and emailed for advice so maybe you should email them and they will be able to tell you straight away if any of their foods are suitable, Or try Royal Canin, they do a true Hypoallergenic food (Z/D I think it is) again ring or email them for advice.

Let us know how you get on

Good luck

Thank you for your post. Good luck for next week I hope it turns out your dog is less allergic than Bronte.

The problem is mainly proteins and she can't have carrot or potato or fish oil which are in a lot of foods. She is not great with Turkey but we will have to try different things out. She is presently on Royal Canin Anallergenic prescribed by the vet. She is also on piriton twice a day to alleviate the itching. She is bored with it as we cannot give her any treats. Training is hard as we can't give her treats but she is doing ok with lots of patience and practice! I will try and cook some non allergic ingredients together to make up my own dog food, but she is NOT allergic to peanuts and sesame seeds on the list of 30 or so foods she has been tested for and neither of those are suitable for her! The rest she shows a reaction to. If I can't find a suitable manufactured food I need help to be able to give her a completely balanced diet and add the correct ingredients but I am not sure where to go for help with that apart from my vet? I will check out the manufacturers you suggested but have already spent a long time looking without success.

I will keep you posted.
Venison ears (instead of pigs ears) are meant to be good for dogs with allergies as they are a novel protein that most dogs have never been exposed to, you can buy them from Amazon, they may be worth trying for Bronte then at least she can have a chew treat now and again, or you could stuff a kong with peanut butter and freeze it then she would have a nice long lasting treat sometimes, I don't know where else you could seek accurate advice regarding feeding except your vet, does the vet who did the allergy testing not have any recommendations for you, they must come up with this a lot.

Have you read up on apple cider vinigar on internet meant to be good with skin allergies with dogs and digestive system. I have just bought it for my golden retriever who has arthritis.
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