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Official AlphaCanineGear 2022-12-29

Harvey G

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Harvey G submitted a new resource:

AlphaCanineGear - Premium quality handcrafted selection of collars, leads and harnesses

We specialize in providing a selection of dog apparel that is built to be both comfortable and durable, we incorporate materials such as stainless steel, nylon and our own Alphathane composite to give you a product that is capable of standing up to even the strongest of breeds.

Check out our tactical range featuring collars, leads and harnesses that are favoured by the countries top professional handlers including police and military personnel.

Use code "ALPHA10" at checkout and get 10%...

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Can I make a suggestion?

Since ear cropping is not permitted in the UK, having a dog with cropped ears on your website front page may not be helpful.

Also, I'm not sure if you are trying to point your marketing towards pet dogs, but the website seems geared towards working dogs and big bully breeds; my first reaction is that these products aren't aimed at owners like me.
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