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Good grief!! :eek: Some of those clips are very much 'Don't try this at home folks,' but that's a dog you'd definitely want on your team rather than the opposition!
Wow,amazing! Definitely a dog you would want on your side, channeling their inner cat:D!

Wow! - amazing. :)

Just one tiddly detail, at 0.39-secs -
leaping into the low fork of a tree to grab the bite-sleeve: that's a Dutchie, not a BSD-Mal.
The brindle pattern is very clear - in the 1920s, the Belgian Shepherd club expelled all the brindled Malinois, & many of them immediately begged to be registered by the [closely-related] Dutch Shepherd Club.
Those who applied were accepted - & there are now no brindle-pattern Malinois.

Red-fawn, fawn, light fawn, with or w/o a mask of varying depth, some have more or less sable tipping, some have grizzling [ticked hairs in the shoulder cape] or dark-edged ears, a sabled chevron over the caudal gland, a small white locket on the chest.
Some are so heavily sabled that they are near-black... but no brindle. :)

- terry

I used to enjoy seeing them in the displays at the dog show held in town. Sadly the show was cancelled after several idiots left their show dogs to bake in cars.
This dog was breed to be more like the extremely agile and fast Border Collie and Australian Shepherd more than their relative the German Shepherd. The Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd QUICKLY replaced German Shepherds in use by law enforcement in San Diego, California.

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