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Selling Animal nutritionist here

Ooh brilliant! Welcome! I have a question if you could help? I feed bernie a raw diet and am finding it hard to find a training treat that I can use with clicker training. Will something like coachies upset his tummy when he is now so used to raw meat? is there a raw treat i can use that he can chew quickly?
Hello - welcome to Dog Forum!! :)

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Hi and welcome!

I'm looking for a cereal/gluten free wet food for my dog. Any suggestions?

She won't touch dry food and I am also concerned about storage mites.

She does suffer with an allergy (and bites her back paws) and wanted to eliminate food as the cause.

I am struggling to find a wet food that is both cereal and gluten free.


Fantastic, thank you oscarpetfoods! The raw diet is my choice.

I go right back to basics and add everything myself, weighing out the meat, bone and offal which I get from my butchers. He has garlic and fenugreek tablets, easy greens and keepers mix. He gets a small portion of fish, yoghurt, cottage cheese, raw egg (with shell) and banana once a week too.

He has no known allergies.

I shall definitely give the fish treats a go as he seems to love his fish. Thanks again!
No that post is really useful. Thank you

I have sent you a pm.

I have no problem feeding dry food it's just that Oreo doesn't seem to enjoy it.

Is there anything you can suggest I could add to it to make it more tasty?

I'd rather not feed raw as it seems expensive but if it may help Oreo then I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for your help
cadac21, raw feeding isn't expensive at all! You can pick up 400g of mince meat for less than 90p a pack. 2kg of beef chunks costs me £4. 4kg of chicken necks costs me £5. My butcher sells me minced offal (lung, liver, heart and kidney) for £2.50 per kilo. And then it's just the little bits I pick up from tesco: eggs, tinned fish (pilchard/mackerel/sardine in tomato sauce), probiotic yoghurt and cottage cheese.

If your dog doesn't enjoy dry food I would seriously consider feeding raw! There is so much variety!!

Your dog will thank you for it, she will look forward to meal times, her stools will be smaller, less often and firmer too!

I find it gives them a nice sweet smelling breath too.
Cadac1 - Lily's Kitchen do a grain free food in both their dry and tinned. It's quality food and my boys thrive on it.
Thank you for the suggestion. I will have a look at Lily's :)

In regards to raw, I suppose I haven't done enough research to deem wether Its suitable for us but I suppose it's the most natural way to feed.

I really need to look into it :)

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