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Any collie owners out there? advice please


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I have a 5 month old blue merle male collie, I have been told by the vets to get him neutered at 6-9 months. I have been told by someone else who has 3 collies to try and not to have it done too soon or at all as it can stunt there growth. His hormones haven't kicked in yet. I am unsure whats the best to do for him. Any advice appreciated. Thank you
Not a expert on this but i always thought 6 to 9 months was too early. Seek more advise and you can do that by google. I take it you not going to breed from your dog? Anyway best of luck.
He's not KC registered, I imagine he would make a good stud dog! Can you breed from a dog that's not KC registered?

Accidents happen say ur dog and a friends dog could make great dogs, goverment trying to stop this but never will. Breeding for selling like in papers not what you should aim for but like i said accidents happen.

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