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Any fussy eaters out there?

Cath S

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Just wondered if anybody has had similar issues with the above. Freddie can only have certain food and just when we think we have a food he really likes and agrees with him he decides he doesnt like it any more. We have spent hundreds of pounds on food and most of it ends up going to charity as he wont eat it any more. The latest food (Lilys Kitchen venison and wild boar terrine) was a massive hit........3 weeks ago. Now he wont touch it. We have tried the aplaws taste toppers which he loves but he will just pick this food out and leave the rest. For how long I have no idea. If we give him a new food to try he will lap it up and leave the old food - thereby making a transition onto new good pratically impossible and he ends up eating small portions of the new food - would eat more given the chance (until he decides he doesnt want it any more) then we are back to square one. I know there are supporters of raw food on here but thats an option I dont want to go down. He has been a little off colour this weekend and just hoping thats the reason he has gone off his Lilys kitchen food - he is currently eating small and often of the lamb hotpot and keeping an eye on the other end as I have heard small and often doesnt put so much pressure on the digestive system. Any tips/hints appreciated.
When he goes off a variety, can you freeze what you have left over for a few weeks and see if he'll accept it as a wonderful new flavour later on?

Will he take a 'boring' flavour as treats/rewards or if you 'accidentally' leave it lying around somewhere in different places? If so, you might be able to work out a strategy to get the food down him.

I hope he is back to his normal self soon - and with a good appetite!
Most of it is tinned so dont need to freeze. Its weird but when he 'goes off' a food its like he almost gags when he smells it!! I have made the mistake in the past of getting too complacent and when he liked a particular food I would buy a fair bit as most of it is online and to save on delivery charges and having to wait in. I have stopped that now so not stock piling so much at present. Not sure he eat it if I left it around - albeit he went of scrumbles for about a month and suddenly started eating some again so I have managed to go a bit full circle with that one - but has now gone off it again. I wanted to get to a stage where I could possible rotate safely so he doesnt get the change to ' go off' something. Why do dogs have such a sensitive digestion - would love to just wake up in the morning and feed him anything (within reason of course) without having to worry. Sometimes I swear he would rather make himself starve then eat what he has eaten for a few weeks without trouble.
with the topper i mix it with water, so if he want's to eat it he has to eat the food,have you tried boiled chicken i get frpm Iceland boiled and chopped.
I know you said you didn't want to go down the raw route, but we've just recently made that switch. We use Honey's (link here) who offer a taster box for about £20 (it's really good value) and they also have a health line anyone can use, you don't have to be a customer of theirs. They might be able to offer some advice - I called them before we moved to raw and there was no hard sell.

I am not affiliated with them, but thought I'd mention it in case it helps.
That seems quite unusual, perhaps there could be an underlying cause?

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