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Any ideas , poorly pup


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Hi all sorry for a long post but wanted to ask if anyone else had experienced this as at my wits end.
Poppy has had a previous case of pancreatitis, cause not known this was at Christmas, she has been on a low fat diet since and been fine. Two weeks ago she started with intermittent vomiting, so dealt at home and when not improving went to vet. They ran blood tests not showing anything including pancreatitis just high cholesterol so treated as an infection and we were sent home with antibiotics and pain relief. She didn’t improve so went in for a day for iv fluids and meds , and seemed to perk up. Once finished the meds she has since got worse and had bleeding from bottom and black sticky tar poo and diahorrea. Her sick was either yellow bile or white foam, she was off her food. On Friday the vets took her in as she was now tender in her tummy and had a temp. Since being in vets they are giving all meds in iv, she took a turn last night and is very lethargic and hasn’t eaten since being in so they have done an ultrasound and X-ray, both were unremarkable. The vet is at a lost what is causing it so is sending a poo sample and also more blood for allergens and addisons disease. Poppy now has a feeding tube to get herself strength up. I’ve googled and googled can’t find what it could be I just want her well, she is only 3. We are insured thank goodness but just want to do how to get her better,has anyone else had this before ? Could it just be a bug? Thankyou for reading xxxxx
Sorry, I have nothing helpful but I didn't want to read and run. The black poo suggests the problem is higher up the digestive system than further down but your vet will know that already.

I hope you get answers soon.
I am so sorry to hear this. Again, I can't give any advice, but am thinking of you and Poppy. Would it be worth asking your vet if there are any other vets he could contact and describe the symptoms to, in case another vet has come across something similar?
I can't help, but am putting a cyberspace arm round you and Poppy, and hoping very much you will have an answer soon. I agree with JudyN's suggestion of your vet contacting a specialist, and with JoanneF that it sounds to me as well, though I'm only a layperson (but very logical) that this could well relate to something higher up in the system. Hugs.
Really feel for you both. In our thoughts. Keep us au courant. Hugs.

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