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Anyone have suggestions for tasty toothpaste?


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After vet visit for other reason I asked for a check on Biddys teeth and was disappointed to find that she has a plaque build up again.
It is about 18 months since she had 12 teeth out and after seeing her post anaesthetic swore I would never put her through that again.
She is a rescue with a lot of problems and does not like being handled so cleaning her teeth was out of the question but Plaque off added to her food has not worked and having them cleaned at the vets is out of the question so have to consider trying to clean her teeth
I have bought some Beaphor toothpaste which is supposed to be liver flavoured and have been putting some on my finger for her to lick off for 5 days which she has been doing but does not seem that keen
She comes tentatively from her bed licks my finger then dashes back, I know she has had a lot of creams and potions that I have had to apply over the nearly 2 years I have had her and I know she has come on leaps and bounds but feel that she does not completely trust me and is always thinking " what is she going to do to me next" so I have to tread very gently
Would love to hear from anyone that knows of a tasty toothpaste that I could entice Biddy with
In toothpaste it would be enzymes that start to beak down anything. I haven't read about the ones you are using but if they aren't enzymatic, they are just meaty paste and it would be the actual brushing that helps more than the product. To be fair, a big part if dental hygiene is about abrasion, regardless of the paste.

I'm sorry, we have maybe covered this because I know you have been heroically battling digestive issues - but have you tried sinews, tendons, dried or semi dried fish?
Thanks JudyN I will order that and give it a go
Thank you JoanneF I have tried the dried fish, bones from Honeys and the butchers, not tried the sinews or tendons only because I did not know enough about them or where to purchase
I will look into it and give them a go but I am not very optimistic, she just does seem interested in chewing or gnawing at anything. I have come to realise she is not and will never be what I consider a normal dog but we are stuck with each other and I would never abandon her now
I would be another vote for Logic. It is amazing dog toothpaste and the only one I trust for my dogs teeth. I have used it for years and all my dogs over those years have shiny clean teeth. It works even if you only maange to get in in their mouth. Obviously brushing it or even fingering it onto the teeth is best but into the mouth is better than nothing.
Thanks for your reply, I am still trying to coax her with toothpaste on my finger with both logic and beaphar but it is not going very well
I tried once with the logic to apply it to her teeth with my finger and it was a no go. Not sure what I am going to do
Have tried all sorts of organic sinews and tendons, there is one that she will carry around but will not chew on
I either wait till her teeth drop out or that she seems in pain and then I will have no choice but to subject her to anaesthetic so that she can have her teeth looked at
We use virbac C.E.T toothpaste, but I know there are drops you can get to add to drinking water that are supposed to help. My daughter uses them for her cats.
My 3 only like logic, I've tried other toothpastes but they hated the taste of them.

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