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Anyone tried Dehydrated Raw?

Discussion in 'Dog Food and Diet' started by CDoodle, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. CDoodle

    CDoodle New Member Registered

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    Has anyone tried dehydrated raw? Finn is raw fed, I normally use the frozen stuff for convenience, but wondering is anyone has any experience of this? Not specifically this ‘flavour’, but this type of food in general. If you have tried it with your usually fed raw fed dog did it upset their tummy? Did they even like it?

  2. JoanneF

    JoanneF Well-Known Member Registered

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    I have used it but I don't think what you have linked is raw - I'm pretty sure the ingredients are cooked then dehydrated.

    My dog didn't particularly like it, even the Fussy Dog recipe. And what he pooed out wasn't particularly nice. Not to say your dog wouldn't be ok, but it is quite pricey to experiment.

    If you are looking for something to keep in your cupboard for the times you can't use raw, I use Gentle which is formulated to be fed in conjunction with a raw diet - although I think that's largely good marketing, I personally think alternating good quality kibble or wet food with raw isn't as harmful as people would have you believe.

    Gentle Dog Food, Natural Dog Food
  3. niamh123

    niamh123 Well-Known Member Registered

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    Mine point blank refused it
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