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Anyone watching the Apprentice ?


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They are creating a new dog food (or making a dog's dinner ...)
Ooh... does it look good?
It's the Apprentice. It's the usual cringe-fest!

As for the foods, sorry but no.
Oh well. I stopped watching The Apprentice years ago because almost without exception, I found the contestants unbearable.
That's why I watch it!
Can't stand this programme or the people in it! They regularly demonstrate all that is wrong with humanity. If there's one person who doesn't deserve his titles (and a lot else), it's Sugar.
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I’m afraid that I’m also despairing of a lot of stuff on the T.V. From limited experience Reality T.V. just seems to give a voice to the uncouth, discourteous and downright ignorant. I once watched Celebrity Mastermind which almost had me on the ‘phone to the Samaritans - what a sorry collection of idiots who’d probably been dropped on their heads at birth. Could hardly string a coherent sentence in English let alone address questions on trivia. At that’s another thing, what’s happening to our mother tongue? Will now have a lie down.
Oh rats! I meant “And that’s another thing…….”.
The Traitors was good though - especially the US version with Alan Cumming ...

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