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I'm interested in what everyone uses to treat arthritis and where they get it from.

I've tried a few different things now from the vet which don't make that much of a difference but I think giving a glucosamine supplement is still a good thing. Our vet charges a fortune but I remember somebody posting a link here on K9 about a website that sells veterinary products at a reasonable price...???

I know I did ask this question over a year ago but I have a poor memory and didn't keep a note of the online sites.

Thanks for reading :thumbsup:
Hi Fiona,

I've seen a dramatic difference in a horse at our yard by using Devils Claw. No idea if it would be as effective on a dog.

For Vader's arthritus he had an injection off the vet 3 times (at 4 week intervals) , wears a magnetic collar and is on joint aid. He's just done a 2 hour walk and is sound. He's not detiorated at all in the last 3 years. (I cant remember what the injection was sorry)

Tie has very bad arthritus in her wrists, is on previcox pain killers (metacam not touching her) and is also on joint aid and a magnetic collar. She is older than Vader as she's 12, and she is stiff when she first gets up but has also just done the same 2 hour walk , so still has a good quality of life.

havent got any helpful web addresses as we get our joint aid from a local farmers shop.
one of my oldies suffered badly with arthritis I tried her with a bio flo collar it cost £30 but worth every penny she had a new lease of life could see a difference in her within 10 days all my other dogs have one as well now

they also have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied
Had good results personally with a bioflow bracelet, friend uses their collars for both her dogs to good effect. I was also once told cider vinegar for horses, and devils claw. :huggles:
I use Green Lipped Mussel tablets for my dog and they have kept him mobile for a number of years now.

I get them from Holland & Barrett (usually when they have a half price offer). They are about 11.00 for 100 tablets.

I think the one a day chews that you can now buy from Pedigree have green lipped mussel as their main ingredient - but they are much more expensive!!

I also buy glucosamine from them - it is usually much cheaper than the stuff specially for dogs (not sure if it is exactly the same though).
Grace is six this year and has arthritis already.This is due to a very traumatic accident concerning a staffy when she was very young.She had broken ribs,heart damage and severe back trauma. :( Luckily she lived, much to the vets amazement,the shock nearly killed her.Anyway last year Grace showed lameness problems in her rear end.The vet diagnosed arthritis and put her on metacam.Although this worked I did not want her on it long term.So I tried inflamex,which is liquid devils claw and she has greyhound cortaflex everyday.She is now moving much better and is alot happier.If you would like to know where the cheapest place to get it is PM me. :thumbsup:
There are a couple of fully licensed herbal medicines for arthritis:

Dorwest produce Mixed vegetable tablets and also Garlic & Fenugreek tablets, Deanes also produce GreenLeaf tablets.

Please remember that when using any supplement with natural ingredients, it is the QUALITY of the ingredients that make it work. Of course with the above products as they are licensed the ingredients have to meet certain standards also they have been recognised as being effective. For example medicinal quality celery leaf is not the same as what you find on the top of a bunch of celery in the supermarket!!!

If you choose to use a Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplement, please make sure the Glucosamine is hydrochloride (HCL) and not sulphate.

A lot of food manufactures put natural ingredients in such as green-lipped muscle and devils claw - but these are NOT in sufficient quantities to be of true benefit, but it does sound good.

Also of course there is no long-term safety documented for canine use of devils claw or green-lipped muscle as yet.
I used a Bioflow collar for Molly + Synoquin capsules (Glucosamine HCL & Chondroitin) and that combination kept her mobile for a good long time.

Eventually as she got older and creakier I did have to put her on daily Metacam as well - although I was worried about long-term use it made a big difference to her quality of life and she suffered no apparent ill effects over about 3 years.

It might be worth looking into Cartrophen injections, too. They seem really effective for some dogs - 2 injections can give relief for around 6 months if the dog responds well.
:thumbsup: Thanks for all the replies - it's been really helpful.

Last time the subject of arthritis came up it was for my old girl Morgan who sadly passed away last August. Now it's her daughter Zinzin :wub: who will be 11 in July and has x-rays which show arthritis in her elbow. I find it quite hard watching them slow down :( but she's still so full of life and desparate to go with anyone out for a walk. I have to leave her behind when I go up into the hills now because last time she came home really lame. It breaks her heart to watch us leave (I leave her brother Phoenix to keep her company because he's getting a wee bit stiff too :huggles: ).

But I'll be trying out your suggestions and fingers crossed she'll be hiking with us again..... :huggles:
I use Devils Claw for bad backs but I have started using Bromelain for any other joints problems, along side Glucosamine. Marvellous stuff. I get all my herbal supplements from Healthspan.

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