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Average cost of a dog groomer?


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If your dog is bathed and trimmed, what does your Dog Groomer charge?

I have recently started using one, and the cost is £45 - wondering if this is about average?

Think it would depend on whereabouts you live. That's about right for Surrey

That would include nails and anal glands if needed
I'm in West Sussex and pay £40 per visit, every six weeks. Shampoo, cut, blow dry and nails. She's there for about two hours.
I pay £90 for 3 yorkies. That's wash, cut, blow dry. Nails clipped.
It's down to geography, size of dog and whether the groomer is coming to you or you're going to them.

For my dog to go to a groomer even oop north it's about £50 for the full works because she's not exactly small.
Many thanks for these replies, much appreciated, and been helpful to know.

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