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Back Again


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hi,well i am back again lol ,was clearing out some of my paper work when i came across the site,found my account name and password.My two lurchers are nearly fully grown or i hope so.Dodger is a year old now and gypsie rose is 9 months old,my staffy is 15 months old now.Sadly my ferret died yesterday of old age.Think i better mention what breeds my lurchers are,Dodger is half hancock breed,his mum is bearded collie cross grey and she is a full hancock but his dad is bedlington cross grey.Gypsie Rose is deerhound cross grey and collie grey.Been hard at work all these months training the lurchers,it is a lot harder than i was used to but they are nearly there.Both are stock broken,very obedient and their recall is 100%.I am now ready to hunt them,i think Dodger is ready but gypsie rose still acts like a big pup.Neither one has had a kill yet or seen a rabbit.But now like i said i think they are ready.I am hoping to make them both all rounders but i know how difficult it is to do that,i will put pics up soon.Kenya my staff,i use for the bushes,she is still a bit heavy mouthed,but is also now stock broken lol never knew how difficult it was never had a bitch so stubborn.But it is great to be back.
thanks just trying to get pic up of my walk today,well as me and my grandson call it mooching on the moors,

pic of my grandson kane pointing out a rabbit run,he is only 4 and can point out the deer tracks etc,

Great to see a young un folloing in your steps, its just a shame they will probably never get to hunt in the way past generations have done.
true in what your saying but my grandad taught my dad lol and my dad taught me lol even if i was a girl and i feel i need to pass it on,one never knows what will happen in the future.But i dont think it will ever be the same i can only hope.My 18 year old has done horse riding since he was little now he is an instructor,he would love to hunt the fox on horse back its his dream.But thats in the future also,another tradition gone.But it helps that i have permission on land where my son works,some folk dont get that chance,

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