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Bad News


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:( sorry to hear that rita has broke her ankle and has had to have several pins put into it and has to stay off it for up to 7 weeks also wont make it down to devon. Hopefully she will be out of hospital to day or tomorow GET WELL SOON RITA luv krystal xxxxxx
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:luck: get well soon rita
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Get well soon Rita , we were very shocked today when Ray told us what happened

Gaz n Dee
Sorry to hear the bad news Rita, was looking forward to seeing you and Ray in Devon, Get well soon and see you when you are better, all the best :luck:
I don't think they're going now John :(

hospital appointments to attend etc.
Yes, Karen, I understood that but i shall miss seeing Them both, I suppose i will have to make do with the :nuke: Gas Man :nuke: :cheers:
hope to see you on the track soon rita, all the best and quick recovery

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