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Bakers Sizzlers treats

Grandad 99

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Our Bichon Friese loves these and has about 3 packs of 6 chews a week. I have just noticed that the daily feeding amount shown on the pack is 1 or 1.5 pieces a day (he is 7.5kg).

What might the consequences of our excessive amounts be?
Ingredients list:

Meat and animal derivatives (11%)
Vegetable protein extracts
Various sugars
Oils and fats
Milk and milk derivatives

44kCals per treat/278kCals per 100g

Cereals are just filler, meat 'derivatives' can be very low quality, sugars aren't a healthy ingredient... Have a look at All About Dog Food's analysis: Bakers Sizzlers Review & Rating Note in the ingredients list the only ingredients they say are non-contentious are glycerol and minerals.

I calculate that your dog is consuming 113 calories a day in these treats, and your dog should be having around 500 cal per day, depending on age and activity level. So over a fifth of their intake a day is essentially junk food. so I would certainly cut back, and also investigate other, healthier treats. Here again, All About Dog Food can help - here's a list ordered by ratings: The Dog Treat Directory - now listing 563 dog treats!
Do Bakers still have the bad rep they used to? When we adopted Jimmy just over 6 years ago, it was written into his adoption contract not to feed him anything by Bakers.
I believe Bakers kibble has improved - they don't contain additives that are likely to have the blue Smartie effect. But even their best rated food only scores 28%, and only has 20% meat, which is almost all derivatives. But then some dogs do really well on Chappie, which is also rubbish on paper.
I would say one pack a week for a dog that size ...I thought these type of treats contained alot of salt .....
I only use natural treats ..raw .chicken wings ....air dried puffed chicken feet are great for getting your dog to chew and clean their teeth ;)
As the others have said these treats are full of ingredients that your dog doesn't really need in it's diet. Have you thought about alternatives like dried natural treats? I believe these are a much better contribution to your dogs overall health and wellbeing. Something like Twisted Beef Bladder Sticks are a nice chewy relatively quick treat.
Unfortunately, dogs love treats, but then you may have noticed that we humans don't always eat what is good for us!
Ah, but we humans have the choice whether we eat healthily or not.
Maybe you have not noticed that our dogs rely on us to feed them healthily, they do not have the choice like we do:rolleyes:

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