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Barking In The Car?


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Zeb has always barked in the car. He starts when i start the car and stops when to turn it off.

It only happends if its only me or/and the kids on our own. if its with my husdand then he stops atfer afew mins.

Is last owner used to lat him have the whole car to stand in.

Tonight i take him to the park in the car, then i got petrol for tomorrows dog club.

Zeb barked all the way there and all the way back, BUT I used tescos pay at the pump, He stopped stright away whatched me and as soon as i strated the car he started.

Any ideas how to stop him?

tried to ignore him

tried to stop until he stops then go again

I'm not sure on how you would stop him maybe give him something to occupy him a chew or something(a big one so he doesn't choke) he may be doing it with you either as a protector type thing warning people off, or that he sees you hubby as the dominant one so knows he won't get away with it, I could be totally wrong but I'm sure someone will know :thumbsup: :luck: :luck:

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