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Becoming A Dog Trainer


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hey all im just wondering the quailifactions needed to become a dog trainer, and if its illegal to operate as a trainer with out any quailifations?
ive heard some advice on K9 that has come from a "dog trainer" but i seached on google and got the same answers ?

so was wondering what the requirments for a trainer is
Right...hmmmmmm....anyone can call themselves a dog trainer!!!! Scary :angry: Or some Animal Care Colleges have 2 day courses and people think they are qualified to do this service. Think of it this way, you do a 2 day or 5 day First Aid course....does it make you a qualified Medic????? Dont think so!!!!!! :angry:

Very few colleges and Universitys do Canine Behaviour and Training courses, now i think that you can do it via a Btec or something similar and after 2 years you become qualified enough to start a business claiming you are qualified and carry on with a 3rd year to specialise.

Or, you can do it at degree level that takes between 3 and 6 years (depends wether you want a Masters, if thats what you call it,,,,having mental block here!!) which delves more deeply into the canine psychology and more in depth in breeds but also include other animals which if you wanted to do it as a career would open many more doors. Plus you have lots of letters after your name (w00t)

There are also canine training courses ran by various websites and done via Open Learning and at your own pace, so if time and money are tight would be better off doing it this way :thumbsup:

Hope this helps.


Dont know where you are based Kevin but heres a link Animal Courses

Never know who you might meet there :- "
Years ago there were dog trainers. Then there was dog behaviourists. Now to me a dog behaviourist is different to a dog trainer. And there is nothing wrong with being a good dog trainer ie no need to dress it up.

To me a dog behaviourist has a degree there aren't that many around. But they aren't necessarily dog trainers. For dog behaviourists APBC

For good dog trainers see Dog trainers

I'm very lucky as I know some very, very good dog trainers (some of whom call themselves behaviourists :) ). The only APBC person that I've consulted was dreadful. Writes books etc, etc, someone else I know used him and thought that he was brill. Me he was a waste of money. :rant:

When it comes to dog training I want to know that the person has a great deal of practical experience - not book learning 'cause I can do that and have read most of 'em - in dealing with all sorts of dogs and their problems. I also want someone who trains with intelligence not brutality towards the owners and the dogs I mean.

Anyone can set up as a dog trainer. BUT whether they will remain a dog trainer will depend on whether they can indeed train dogs and communicate with owners. Proof of the pudding and all that. I don't think that it's scary at all. I think that it's a matter of common sense on the part of the owner. If someone isn't happy with what's happening then you walk. You never go to a class the first time with your dog. You go on your own and you watch. If you don't like what's happening then you don't go back.
I agree BJ :thumbsup: Its the practical experience and the persons actual relationship with a dog that is the key. I watched the woman who also runs our ringcraft do her training class and thought, wow, the way dogs just did as she told them.

Its experience that counts and what i am meaning with a degree and not short courses is the fact that its pratical learning in placements for at least three years and not a couple of weeks.

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