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Bedlington terrier question


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Are Bedlington terriers prone to skin conditions? I am considering adopting a 3 year old whippet/Bedlington. I have plenty whippet experience but none with Bedlingtons. According to current owner the wee mite has itchy skin. vet has ruled our mange and flees and is putting it down to excema. Current owner is using a spray just now which she says helps to relieve it.

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of this and can give any advice/treatements/diet etc.

my 2 whippets just now are fed raw and I would imagine that putting the new one (if I take him) onto this will help as I find it seems to help many complaints.

Any advice much appreciated
Could be diet related, if he has food intolerance it could well come out as a skin irritation. Good to see you back on the forum.
Is the dog in a stressful situation? This can cause the symptoms you describe.

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