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New Home Needed Belgian Malinois Cross needs new home.


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My partner and I rescued our dog Hades from Hilbrae ~2 years ago. He's ~3 years old now, and was malnourished when we got him.

To cut a long story short, he isn't good around men, or sudden strangers. He has resource guarding issues, and he used to have separation anxiety, but that's pretty much completely gone now.

We have to get rid of him because he attacked me after I gave him a beef bone, and was too close. He never punctured the skin, but I still have light scarring. Now he will growl and bark whenever I come home, and I fully believe if I push it, he will attack me again. He is perfectly fine with me when I am already there, or if he's in his crate when I come home, so so far my partner has just been putting him in his crate before I come home, and I let him out.

The reason we need to get rid of him is because we do not believe it will be safe for him to be around little kids, and we want to start having children soon, so we want to find him a nice working home.

We've been putting it off for ages, as we love him so much, and he's so attached to both of us, my partner especially, but it needs to be done.

Is anyone here able to take in a dog like this, or where can I fi IMG_2506.JPG IMG_0838.JPG nd a working home? I believe a working home would do him so much good. I tried Dogs Trust, but they said they would not be able to help.

Thank you for your time.
Alot of rescues will not take a dog that has shown any kind of aggression to people ...i would worry about rehoming him privately as he could end up in the Wrong hands ...Rescue Remedies Rescue take dogs that no other rescue will take they are based in surrey ....
Would you consider getting a good behaviourist in to give an opinion...
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Would you consider getting a good behaviourist in to give an opinion...
This was my first thought, too. It may well be with proper training and some patience that his issues can be overcome and you can remain together. He's a very handsome chap :)
Have you tried talking to the people you got him from? If its any kind of decent rescue they should be willing to step in and help.
I hadn't realised that Hilbrae was a rescue...they should be contacted as most rescues will help or take the dog back

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