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Best Lure For Machine

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easy mate just tie a wet teacloth to it and like somone said use the stop start on the switch method and dont use the old womens best towel good luck tom
I sent country Joe a lure I made.

Red and White barrier tape in lengths. Around 10-15 lengths. Small piece of rope tied onto it , bottle cap over the top and taped on.

Nice and light, makes a noise and works in all weather.

I've used a sandbag cut into shreds with a rabbit skin cable tied on to get the pup interested. Got a 5 month lurcher here. Always give her a 30 yard play run with the lure. Get her interested.

Started the whippet like that.

Sandbags are fine in dry weather but too heavy in the wet.

The barrier tape is overall the best and easiest.

Turns are made out of bike wheel hubs.

I dont know why you would want to slow a lure down, using a heavier lure is bad for the machine. this puts stress on the motor and wears it out. I just 'drive' mine, if you want it slower then just stop-start, there's a knack to it.

I have great fun with the dogs and mates with it.

It's never too early to get a pup interested, playing about with lure, little 10 yard jogs, build it up. Change lures all the time.

I've got around 10. All made in the same way. Sandbags, tape, rope, fox tails, combat trousers cut/ ripped and a lumi vest.

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