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best wet dog food for my 13 year old

Ken Thomas

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my dog has been on ROYAL CANIN® Satiety for quite a while to bring his weight down, which we have done so think it's time we change it, he is a 13 year old 7 kilo Jackchi pretty healthy but scratch a lot will only eat wet food, don't want raw, might be better but think to late for change, any ideas and how much.
The website is a good place to get ideas. You can put in your dog's weight, age, and specific goals (like continued weight loss if that's still important) and the type of food you want to look for (ie wet) and it will show a selection, ranked on quality. It also shows the daily cost based on the recommended amount for the dog whose details you gave.

If this link works, it may help. The Dog Food Directory - now listing 2757 dog foods!
"Natures Menu" have fantastic convenient raw products, their "Country Hunter" frozen complete nuggets are easy to thaw, no blood or mess. They also have complete tinned meals and pouches. Grain free "Country Hunter" contents look good.
"Millies Wolfheart", who's dry kibble I always recommend also make a nice selection of tinned wet foods. Another with good quality contents.
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Hi, we don’t do raw food due to the bacteria risk (I had food poisoning which nearly killed me so have to be careful) We found making food at home easy and cheaper - just make sure you get the vegetable and some carbohydrate proportion right. We cook up mince from the supermarket in a frying pan and grate in veg and potatoes / rice. Takes little time and the dog loves it!
That sounds tasty but how do you get the calcium levels right? And what about the vitamins from liver and other organ meat?

I'd just be too nervous that I was missing some of the nutritional needs with a DIY diet :(
We add in a vitamin and mineral supplement designed for to be added to raw food diet or homemade to be sure. We also make sure she gets different veg and meat so not one thing so there is a nice wide range of the nutrients. It is possible though to work out what the dog would need for their weight etc and add this from calcium rich foods. Boiled eggs with the shell are a really good way. Yogurt is also excellent and that way you also get in the probiotics. She would love to get it all from cheese though!

it’s not for everyone but we really enjoy making the dinners!

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