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Best Whippet

Discussion in 'Dog Showing' started by dawn, Feb 3, 2001.

  1. dawn

    dawn New Member Registered

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    We all have our idea of the perfect show whippet which we would give anything to breed or own so here is a simple question.

    Which Whippet in your opinion is the best dog, male or female, past or present, you would love to have bred or owned and why?

    Are there any others you feel worthy of a mention?

    It will be interesting to see how much our preferences differ,after all it wouldn,t do for us all to like the same type or there would be no point in showing.  Maybe some of us will agree who knows.

    There have been some lovely dogs and still are. There are also some who you wonder how they ever got their title.

    Personally my choice would be Ch Mithandir Panning For Gold. In my opinion she has wonderful movement, an excellent top line which she keeps on the move.  She commands your attention as soon as she enters the ring.

    Richard goes back further than me and his choices would be Ch Black Knight of Carmodian a dog of his day who has left a lasting impression on the breed. At a local level Ch Oakbark Middleman was a lovely dog.  Another dog he admired was Ch Novacroft Madrigal who had got ring precence and could move.
  2. Liz B

    Liz B New Member Registered

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    what an interesting question.

    I haven't been showing for that long (3 years), so I haven't seen a lot of the greats in the flesh, but I have admired a few in the ring at present.

    I am always impressed by Ch Spyanfly Say No More, even as a veteran he still moves really well, and is a real showman.

    I covet Dennis Hopkins' bitch Denelsie Dusty Drawers, I think she is near perfection. Ch Becscott Standard Lady of Falconcrag is stunning, and those new Marchpast puppies!

    I thought Ch Tradewind Pebbleware was absolutely lovely, such a tragedy she died.

    From photos I have seen, I like the look of the Airescot whippets from Sweden, and Silkstone Jewel in the Crown looked lovely.

    I saw Ch Pencloe Dutch Gold at the Whippet Centenary show and was just knocked out by his presence and showmanship- oh to show a show-off Whippet! I also like his son Gold Dust, and just about everything he has sired.

    Oh and my FAVOURITE whippet is my Alfie, Perfect Pluto!!

    Hope you get some really interesting replies, Liz
  3. Claire

    Claire Looney Collooney Registered

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    My favorite  is marchapst silent wings over salatini

    I love how she flows around the ring and is always imaculatly (spelling!) presented.She has wonderful expression too.

    Of the Barnesmores  I Love Ir Ch Barnesmore medicine dance.

    I Have seen Mirthrandir panning for gold in veteran at a club show and think she is lovely and must have been outstanding when she was younger!!

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