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Blue Bear - Aged 18 Weeks


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Here is Bev with Blue (Old English Sheepdog x Saint Bernard) at puppy training last week. He is getting big now and getting quite well behaved (although I never thought I would see the day). We still have a few episodes with him going a bit nuts but overall he is turning into a wonderful fluffy bundle. We only use the slip lead now as the harness was working against us, with him getting so big it takes a lot of strength to control him, he is so much better on the rope slip lead (we use the figure of 8 around his head and nose). We spend a few days to get him introduced to it and then a few more days for him to accept it but its made a huge difference.

Age 18 weeks, weight about 20Kg and counting LOL.

Off out to the meadows now to take him for a walk with Bev

Truly scrumptious! I'm glad to hear he's doing well and (mostly) behaving himself.
Gosh, he is a super looking fluffball! Lovely, thankyou for sharing the pics, there never can be too many dog pics to look at!:D

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