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Blue Stud Dog

Paul Cork

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Blue Coursing Dog for stud . kc reg . Nimrodel lines , Gparent Nimrodel Noir , GGparent Nimrodel Djakarta {puppy cup winner,runner up Laguna cup,etc . Can go back six generations on ped . Stands201/4very strong dog , contact Paul or Beth on 01603410811 or email
Hi Paul, Is this the full brother to my blue dog Midge Marvel (Joronic Jazz x Pondiver Catch the Rainbow) dob 28/11/95, one of the fastest things on four legs, sadly struck by a car on the A3 near Hindhead in December '99 while out on the common. He was bred by a Mr Mitchell in Northampton who I was subsequently unable to trace. I would be interested in any information in this line, either in this forum or direct to my email address.
Hi Angela Thanks for your intrest , I sent you some info ! but I must have the wrong address . The dog you had is of the same breeding , this dog which I have is also very quick , if you would like to let me know what info you like Iwould be pleased to help . Paul Cork
Paul, Angela -

I have 2 dogs of the Jan 2001 litter from Nik and Freda. My two are also out of Jeronic Jazz and Pondiver Catch the Rainbow.

They are extremely fast with great stamina and have just started retreiving rabbits live to hand. I also work them with my ferrets.

Please email me for Nik's mobile Number.

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