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New Home Needed Bobby ~ 13 month old gsd cross

Pammy Gsd

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Bobby is looking for a home

Bobby is a 13 month Gsd x , he was previously in foster with children , cats and small furries .
He is a super little boy can be shy/wary of new situations .
He is now in foster with 2 German Shepherds and settled really well . He is house trained .
Would benefit from some training , although he's know sit .
Needs to be homed with another dog .
Neutered , vaccinated .
In foster in Northants

Please e mail Pamwilliams76@btinternet for more details
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He looks lovely! Typical of a GSD to be sensitive. Hope he finds his forever home soon.
Bobby has settled really well , enjoying himself on his walks with Lucas his best buddy .. Super friendly , loves his cuddles , still looking for a home

Few more pictures


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