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Border/fell terrier cross

Paul Howard

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Hi I have a 10 yr old dog who has all of a sudden started to urinate on my floor? Not being able to make it till the morning? Please can anyone help me with any ideas/suggestions on what it might be & how I can help her???
Many many thanks
Welcome to the forum. Your first step should be to get him checked by a vet, as there are any number of reasons why this might happen.
Hi, I appreciate that, but I can’t afford to do that on the very little money I receive, that’s why I’ve come on here to ask advice!
The thing is, it could be as simple as a urinary tract infection, cleared with a simple course of antibiotics. Cheap and easy. But we can't either diagnose or prescribe.

Of course, it could be something entirely different.

If you are on low income, you could try the PDSA.

But it really isn't fair (or legal, for that matter) to deny your dog medical help.
For your information I love my dog more than I love life!!! Maybe I’ve chosen the wrong platform! I need advice not threats!
Thank you for your advice
I'm sorry you saw it as a threat, that's not what I intended.
For your information I love my dog more than I love life!!! Maybe I’ve chosen the wrong platform! I need advice not threats!
Thank you for your advice
P.S. I worked hard all my life, I lost my business, my home & all I held dear, I am now a pensioner (not private) state and can no longer work due to severe heart problems & severe arthritis. If I could afford a vet I would get one! & if you wish to take legal action against please feel free!
The PDSA do not operate in my area!
Look, nobody is threatening you with legal action. I was only trying to make you aware.

Like I said, its possible a low cost course of antibiotics might clear it. If you can't pay up front, speak to local vets about payment plans. Consider a low interest credit card. Shop around, some vets (especially private rural ones) are sometimes cheaper than big city chains.

I realise you don't think this but I AM trying to help.
It could be age related where the bladder muscles weaken dog had this and she was put onto urilin with immediate effect ...have you got a blue cross shelter nearby or a local rescue as they maybe able to get you a cheaper deal at the vets if you dont have a PDSA near to you ....
Hello and welcome to the forum, it's a friendly place and I think you may have misinterpreted some posts. There is some, hopefully, useful advice here about vet's costs. Even though you said the PDSA aren't in your area, it might be worth getting in touch with them to see if they can offer advice - for example, they might be aware of a vet near you who offers something. Please do let us know how you get on and if we can help further.
It's an increasing problem nowadays, with the increase in daily living costs. A friend of mine with three dogs, one with medical issues that required frequent vet visits, had to take her car off the road recently because she couldn't afford to run it and pay for vet treatment :-(

There are hard choices to be made. The bottom line is that your dog should be seen by a vet, and may well suffer a lot if he doesn't. As has been said, try contacting the Blue Cross, and I would also suggest contacting the Dogs Trust and any rescues in your area - some are able to provide help to people who would otherwise have to give up (or even euthanase) their dog. Also try different vets, being honest about how much you can afford and asking whether they could let you pay in instalments.
Just to add, I know my local vet offers payment plans so it is something that is out there. I know it's easy to talk about these things, if you have a bill of XX amount and can pay be instalments, you still have to find the money. Try making some enquiries as has been suggested - even Citizen's Advice Bureau - @JudyN makes an interesting point - it can be cheaper for an organisation to assist with care costs rather than have to board/rehome a dog which I sincerely hope doesn't happen to you.

Left field though of the day - a Kickstarter fund could also be an option, but I've never used this myself.

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