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Border Terrier Pups

Tony D

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Do Border Terriers make good pets?
Is it better to get 2, we have the room and a large garden and access to large fields for walks
They make quite good pets - not quite as terrier-ish as some terriers but more so than others. So fairly middle ground for terrier behaviour I'd say. But don't get two unless you have a good understanding of littermate syndrome and know how to prevent it or deal with it.
Two pups can be more than twice the work of one... I think they're cracking little dogs, though some individuals can be more terrorist than terrier - find out all you can about the personalities of the parents. And as always, select a breeder with great care - a good breeder will be grilling you to make sure you're a good home for their pups.
I would start with one pup and then get another later on ...i personally would always have 2 dogs ....
Border terriers are lovely dogs and with any breed its how its treated ....
I love em, I've had Borders most of my life. I've have them as pets and I've worked them.
Any questions feel free to ask.
Just agree with the 'don't get two line'! AND never get litter mates. But I've known some lovely Borders that have made great family pets. They're very smart so need a stimulating life: exercise and training therefore.

Because terriers are bred to work (i.e kill things) two can form a small pack and become more task orientated, shall we say. Depends what you want them for I guess. :confused:

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