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Boxer dog harness

Chris Spencer

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Any recommendations to stop him pulling and to add comment, please ignore on the side. Lol
I'm not sure what you mean by 'ignore on the side'?

Anyway, kit (harnesses, head collars, choke collars etc) don't stop a dog from pulling - they can help; but really it's training that really stops it.

What have you done in terms of training?
Generally, when someone tells me that their dog pulls on the lead, I say 'and your dog says exactly the same about you'.

In other words, it takes two to pull, and recognising that is a good place to start.

You then need to identify why your dog pulls, because that information will help you decide which of several options to use. There are many possibilities, such as your pace, the environment you walk in, and even whether he would like to get away from you, eg because the equipment (eg collar) is uncomfortable or painful.

An old book but a good one is Turid Rugaas 'My dog pulls - what do I do?'. You're likely to find it cheap for a Kindle.

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