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Bsfa Meeting, 15th May.


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I've had a number of enquiries about the state of the field at Kingsclere for the forthcoming meeting on the 15th May. As you know, last month the ground was hard although we did find some good running ground despite lack of rain. Rain is forecast this weekend and next week , but it may be not enough, so we have agreed that any whippet owner who enters their dog(s) for competition and then decides to withdraw their dogs because of the state of the ground will have their entries carried over until the next meeting.

Hope this clarifies the situation.
Dear All

Unfortunately,the BSFA meeting next Sunday, 15th May is cancelled, due to circumstances beyond our control.

I have been notified by Bryan, the farm manager that the field is still rock hard and cracked. He has also sprayed to kill the thistles and been unable to top them, with the consequence that we are unable to use the field for the next 3 weeks. No alternative suitable ground is available - the polo field is in use. All entries for this meeting will be carried over until June26th. Alison is e mailing entrants.

Sorry folks ,was looking forward to next Sunday, but the weather has defeated us. See you all on 26th June.

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