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Buying from online platform


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I have had a great experience with [edited by mods] has anyone else used this platform I know its a new platform but has anyone had any bad experiences, I like how they remove all sold pets quickly as I used other platforms and many either did not get back to me or was sold, it would be a good idea if breeders and sellers kept there posts up to date on other platforms :)
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From your other thread, it doesn't sound like your experience was good at all - you didn't get any documentation, the puppy is sick and the seller is ghosting you.

Honestly, I think buying through an online platform is laden with risks. The recommended way to buy a puppy is to first find a breeder you like, then build a relationship with them, and then get on a waiting list for a puppy from them.
Note that I have removed the name of the online platform to remove any impression of advertising. I agree with Joanne that these are not the best way to buy a dog.

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