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Buying tablets from the internet

Grandad 99

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The vet has prescribed a long term painkiller for our 12 year old Bichon Friese's arthritis. It is Previcox and the 20 tablets were £38.35 - almost £2 each. Dose is ½ a day. Looking on line the same strength ones are 44p.

I'm a bit cautious, knowing that the internet is awash with fake drugs, and would appreciate knowing if other owners source tablets and if so from which sites. The one I have looked at want a prescription, the vet charges £16 50 so still a considerable saving
I’ve used Pets Drugs Online in Bristol for Mabel’s medication (Apoquel) and am quite satisfied with the service.
I have kept looking on and off, and thought I had found another list, but it is the same one from a different link :rolleyes:


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