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Can someone please help

Laura skaife

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Hi I'm new to the site and really need help does anyone know what this could be on my sister dog tail?
Hi Laura, and welcome. Others may recognise what this is, but we really can't diagnose on a forum - your sister really needs to take her dog to the vet as soon as she can, as the vet might need to take a biopsy.
I totally understand but she can't get in her vets until tomorrow and she's in a state thinking its cancer. I'm pretty sure it's its ticks, although I've never seen them like this buried and so many. I didn't want a diagnosis just an opinion until she can get to the vets tomorrow. Thanks so much. I've uploaded another photo and circled what I think are the ticks. Thanks anyway.


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Ah, OK... no, I don't think it's ticks. What I would say, is that the vast majority of lumps and bumps on dogs are harmless, and/or easily treated. Hopefully her vet will be able to put her mind at rest then.
It might be stud tail. But I've never seen it so far spread. How long has he had it?
I realise I'm a day late to this, and hopefully this is well on the way to be diagnosed, but from someone who has recently dealt with a dog suffering from cancer, a day in getting to the vet for a diagnosis is not going to increase any risk. The exception is if the dog is in pain, they would need to see an emergency vet.

Please keep us updated.

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